“I’ve never seen anything like it. I actually walked around to the other side of the photograph to make sure it wasn’t real”

Jonah Schwartz, New York City Tattoo Convention. 




So what exactly is an Amped3D image?

Amped3D images depict life size three dimensional space and do for tattoo art what simply hasn’t been possible before in a photograph—to present tattoos with all of their natural human depth, scale and topography. Amped 3D images are images you can see into.



How is an Amped3D image made?


Amped3D photography is accomplished using a unique combination of complex camera hardware (featuring an array of modified cameras equipped with hi-resolution sensors), sophisticated proprietary software, materials and painstaking manufacturing techniques. At a photo session, the camera array captures multiple perspectives at one time instant. Those digital images are then precision aligned and processed, to be printed with a modified high-resolution printer with each perspective occupying a vertical strip 1/2000th of an inch wide. These special prints are then aligned and bonded to custom-made cast lenticular lens material. The photos can then be mounted in custom back-lit frames for an optimal viewing experience. The result? Amped3D images are so realistic that the brain perceives them in a similar way to seeing real life, so it’s the next best thing to actually seeing the tattoo in real life. 
The result of years of work, Almont Green has developed AMPED 3D photography with the help of neuroscientists, brain research centers, vision research experts and leading technologists.

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